January 17, 2017

Sailing the High Threes- A party fit for a pirate

I'd be lying if I said my kids birthday parties were completely for them, they aren't even old enough to remember them yet. I love love LOVE planning their parties and creating the decor around a centralized theme. My oldest sons first birthday was an UP theme and although we didn't go all out, it was great. We may have even had the soundtrack playing throughout the house as background noise. His second birthday was "Two Infinity and Beyond", because he was really into Buzz Lightyear at the time, but I think his third (this years) birthday party was my favorite.
UP 1st Birthday

Two Infinity and Beyond 2nd Birthday

If you know my son, or follow me on Instagram (@thelittlestadventures), you know that he is a genuine pirate. He might just be the real Jack Sparrow. Naturally, a pirate party was the only option for that scurvy little boy. I created his invitation from scratch--soon to be sold in my Etsy shop here, created, cut, glue dotted, and hung all of his banners, found the perfect cake via pinterest to send to our favorite local baker, had delicious themed cookies made by another local baker (also our former nanny for this boy), and planned out the menu.

Party Invitation

Because of nap schedules (PRAISE EVERYTHING FOR NAP TIME), the party started at 3 so we only served light snacks. Talk about easy planning. I was totally relieved that we didn't go all out with catered food this year as several people texted me the day of the party not able to make it due to sick kiddos, so our group ended up being pretty small. Light snacks was also easy on the budget, I think I maybe spent $60 on food, drinks, and plates. Win!

For the light snacks we served Peg Legs-pretzel sticks, Fish n Chips-chips and goldfish, Pirate Treasure-fruit bowl, and Polly's Crackers-cheese and cracker plate.

Drinks were themed too of course. Mermaid Tears-water bottles, Caribbean Sea Water-blue punch, Not Rum-tea.

I usually create cut only banners, but this year I wanted more, so I created banners that I first printed and then cut. I had a total of 3 banners: a happy 3rd birthday, and age banner with pictures to show off how handsome this kid has become, and a banner with his name. For past parties I created a banner for our front door, but this year I stuck up a wooden X because X marks the spot, obviously. I hung all banners with twine that I already had on hand and it went perfectly with the pirate feel.

The hutch that now resides in my kitchen was purchased days before the party and completely threw off my set up plan. Orignally I was going to place our folding table against the wall for the cake and food, and hang the red anchor on the wall with red and black balloons on either side of the table. When my husband said he wasn't move the hutch...I did ask nicely....he said to incorporate it to look like a cabinet on a ship so I did just that and seriously, how GREAT did it come out?! Personally, I think it looked amazing.

Many of his friends weren't able to make it, but he still had so much fun. Daddy got his playset ready enough to be usable for the party so the kids had a blast playing on it and running around pretending to be pirates.

Take a closer look:

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