March 20, 2020

Guide Dots - Kids Subscription Art Service

My kids enjoy art, and it's a great way to keep them busy and entertained while I am working. When Guide Dots reached out about trying their new subscription art service..I couldn't say no, especially because my oldest has shown interest in "how to" videos. If this all sounds interesting to you, be sure to grab my $5 off coupon code at the bottom!

What is Guide Dots
Using dots spread out throughout a paper roll and online video instruction, kids are able to draw their own masterpieces. It's like having an art instructor in your home!

The lighted tablet helps you to see where the dots are under your drawing paper, and it's basically an advanced dot-to-dot art experience.

Two Levels: Before I give details about each level, you should know that each level comes with a Starter Kit that includes: a lighted tablet for ease of tracing, dual tip markers, box of chalk pastels, eraser, elastic bands for keeping the Guide Dot rolls in place, 2 Guide Dot rolls, binder clip.

Level 2 gets what is mentioned above, but also: oil pastels, watercolors, watercolor paper, 2 paintbrushes.

Level 1: Discover Art, ages 4-7
This the level I went with for my 6 year old and it is perfect for beginners. It isn't too easy, but it also isn't too tough.

Subscription Details:
Level 1 - $89.99: 3 months of Guide Dots which gets you the Starter Kit and 6 total Guide Dots rolls (2 per month). But once you have the Starter Kit, there are other options to subscribe to.
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Level 2: Art Confidence, Ages 8-10
I believe this level has children start adding in their own little details here and there.

Subscription Details:
Level 2 - $109.00: 3 months of Guide Dots which gets you the Starter kit & level 2 supplies, and 6 total Guide Dot rolls (2 per month). And just like level 1, once you have the started kit there are other options available that are cheaper.
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Subscriptions ship on the 4th of each month.

Ok, ok, so now that you have the run down on the brand, how it works, and what's included, let's dive into our experience using the service!

As mentioned above, we went with Level 1. The month it was sent in included a Guide Dots rolls for a robot drawing, as well as unicorn. Of course, my son went right for the robot. Getting everything set up was simple, you just need to make sure you have a tablet or laptop that supports a USB cable, so not a Fire tablet. I wasn't a fan of giving up my laptop, but sharing is caring sometimes I guess, ha! The kit comes with instructions on where to find the instructional videos on the website, so plug in your lighted tablet, and head to to get started.

The videos go through EVERYTHING, including set to turn on the light tablet, how to get your Guide Dots roll set up, etc. You will need plain white paper for drawing, the kit does NOT come with it. I just used paper from our printer, but next time I'll probably try out card stock so it's a little sturdier. Oh, and grab a sharpened pencil.

The line up of videos was very easy for my 6 year old to follow, and he was able to pause them himself when he needed to finish a step before moving on. Cindra is very good at keeping kids engaged. (Psst, Cindra is also the founder of Guide Dots.)

I wasn't sure how this was all going to turn into a robot, but sure did! As you draw from dot-to-dot, pulling the roll of paper through and repeating the steps, a picture starts to appear. And the best part is that you can draw it over and over again!

They even have step by step videos for coloring if you want to follow along and not do your own thing. This will put the markers and pastels to work! I suggest putting something down under your picture for coloring as the markers do bleed through. We used a plastic placemat that we have for all of our crafts.

I was pretty impressed with his finished product, and he was quite proud of himself as well. This is one reason I am considering trying out card stock...I'd love to display them in the playroom, but the regular printer paper got a little bent along the journey. I definitely suggest this subscription kit for a fun after school or weekend activity. My son really enjoyed it and we can't wait to try more!

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Thank you to Guide Dots and Cindra for sending us a Started Kit for free to try, we LOVED it.