October 1, 2019

Nutrition Explorers - Kids Night In

Nutrition Explorers - Kids Night In Review
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Another month, another Kids Night In box! This time, learning about nutrition and staying healthy was the theme. And we found out that we're doing a pretty good job already.

As always, you cannot order this particular box, but you can go ahead and set yourself up to get October’s box here: Community Helpers

What's Included:
Night In Itinerary
Included book - Good Enough to Eat by Lizzy Rockwell
Recipe card

Activity sheets/stickers
Foam Binoculars kit
Magnifying glass
Fidget spinner for game
Googly eyes
Healthy Journal

Nutrition Explorers Recipe:
Broccoli & Parmesan Farro - This sounded pretty tasty and my boys both love broccoli, but I wasn't able to find Farro..it's possible I looked right passed it considering the pasta and rice aisle is extreme! But this recipe was a good way of incorporating some good foods into a meal.

All Kids Night In boxes come with a snack as well, this time was Veggie Straws, which there is never a shortage of in our house. We love these, they're convenient and are a great alternative to regular potato chips.

The book in this month's Kids Night In box was called Good Enough to Eat. It talked about the different food groups and why each is good for us. The book was a little too detailed to hold my 5.5 year old's complete attention, but he still walked away with some good knowledge on staying healthy.

The art activity in this month's Kids Night In box was a canvas to showcase the different fruits and vegetables that keep our bodies happy and healthy. This is where the pastels and googly eyes came into play. I really love that Kids Night In has started making step by step videos for their art projects, it makes it so easy for kids to follow along and create their masterpiece. We usually just head to the website on my son's tablet, and he pauses the video when he needs to but he does a great job.

A couple other activities were using stickers to create a plate that had the right amount of each food group, Health Hunt - finding the food groups in your own home using the binoculars we made, Eat a Rainbow - discussing the colors of the foods we eat, Exercise Exploration....which we had to skip because I cannot tell you where the fidget spinner ran off to after we unboxed, ha! Healthy Snacking - using the magnifying glass to look at food labels and spot things that are good for us, a Mission Nutrition 10 Day Challenge, and a Healthy Journal to track the foods we eat.

Kids Night In also includes a few little extra activity ideas on the back of the itinerary to keep your learning going.

Luckily for me, both of my kids pretty much live off of fruit and aren't into things like sugary sodas. That's not to say that they don't get sweets (which Kids Night In makes sure you know is ok in moderation!) and the occasional taste of Cream Soda, but overall they are healthy kids. They also enjoy playing outside and running around, so exercise is a definite every day occurrence here.

If you haven't jumped in yet, now is your chance! You have until the 13th to get the next box in time, and this theme is something kids love learning about so much! Click my affiliate link here: Community Helpers

*This post does contain affiliate links. I do make commission when any purchases are made using these links.

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